We create content, websites, social media and strategies for new, growing and established businesses to enable them to connect with their target audience. Very often business owners know the message that they want to give their audience but struggle for a way to put it across in a way in which the audience want to hear it. It is not unusual for a business owner to struggle between what they want to say to their audience and what the audience want to hear. As a Web Content Consultant I help clients focus on what their audience want to hear. it is very common for clients to want to rank their website on Google for a technical term or phrase relating to their business but the question is “Is that the phrase your client is using to find you?” or “Does your web content speak the same language as your customer?” Why should you consider hiring a content marketing consultant: 1. You need someone with a fresh pair of eyes to look at your business and business goals 2. You don’t understand the technical aspect of Digital Marketing and require assistance to organize, execute, test and track a content marketing strategy 3. You’re website has stagnated and you are not seeing the results or new business coming in off it. 4. You need someone with to provide your business with the combined expertise of a content strategist, content writer, graphic designer, videographer, social strategist) that is going to help raise your interent profile and increase your bottom line.