Website Accessibility

If you had a shop on the highstreet that was not accessible to everybody you would have a problem in business and similarly your website should be open for business to all possible visitors. Accessible web design is not a new fad. It’s here to stay. As groups for those with afflictions take on accessibility issues that are not addressed on websites they will gain ground.

With accessible web design everyone benefits, you get more visitors, your website gains popularity because it works for everyone, you get more sales and those with disabilities enjoy the same benefits of the internet as those without.

BEe Advertised can carry out an accessibility audit on your website ensuring that your website is accessible to all your visitors as well as the devices which they may be trying to access your content on. We will also ensure that your website complies with industry guidelines so that you don’t miss out on possible business.

Website Accessibility – General Points


1. Site load‐time is reasonable
2. Adequate text‐to‐background contrast
3. Font size/spacing is easy to read
4. Flash & add‐ons are used sparingly
5. Images have appropriate ALT tags
6. Site has custom not‐found/404 page

7. Company logo is prominently placed
8. Tagline makes company’s purpose clear
9. Home‐page is digestible in 5 seconds
10. Clear path to company information
11. Clear path to contact information

12. Main navigation is easily identifiable
13. Navigation labels are clear & concise
14. Number of buttons/links is reasonable
15. Company logo is linked to home‐page
16. Links are consistent & easy to identify
17. Site search is easy to access

18. Major headings are clear & descriptive
19. Critical content is above the “fold”
20. Styles & colors are consistent
21. Emphasis (bold, etc.) is used sparingly
22. Ads & pop‐ups are unobtrusive
23. Main copy is concise & explanatory
24. URLs are meaningful & user‐friendly
25. HTML page titles are explanatory