Social Media Policy

Are you an employer, agency, club or society who use social media to promote your business or service?

If you have social media as part of your marketing strategy you should a social media policy in place. It will contain information on :

  • What happens when the person who manages social at your company leaves?
  • What happens when someone posts something insensitive? 
  • What information about your business can employees share.
  • Which social networks will you maintain a presence on?
  • How will you monitor conversations about your brand on social channels? Who will monitor these conversations?
  • How will you maintain a consistent social tone and style across these networks?
  • Will you encourage employees to participate in social media as a representative of your brand?
  • How will you respond to consumers who communicate with your brand through social channels? Who will respond on your brand’s behalf?
  • Who is authorized to proactively post on your brand’s behalf? Does this authorization account for different regions and teams
  • What constitutes a social media “crisis” for your business? What is your process for handling a post that could be categorized as a crisis?

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