Google Analytics Consultancy

Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool which enables website owners to track the effectiveness of their website in invaluable ways.  If your business relies on the Internet—whether for making sales, providing clients with information, or as a marketing tool—then Google Analytics is a must for your business.

BEe Advertised now provides both training and Administration of Google Analytics Tools.
With Google Analytics you can :-

  • View what traffic your website is generating
  • View your visitor sources
  • View your visitor’s behavior on your website
  • View how visitors move within your site
  • Understand what visitors do on your site
  • Identify the devices your visitors are using (Eg:  Pc, Mac, iPhone/Mobile)
  • Understand how visitor behavior leads to sales and conversions
  • Improve your online sales with E-commerce Reporting
  • Measure the impact of Social Media
  • Learn which social sources refer engaged visitors



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