Blog Content Coaching

Did you know that with a Blog on your website you are 5-8 times more likely to have your website ranked highly on search engines as well as tons more inward links to your great content.  I can show you how its done, how to get started and how to maintain the discipline to keep churning out content that will engage and interest your audiences. With 1-to-1 blog coaching I can help you no matter what  business you are in, to generate your own audience.


With Blog Coaching you will be able to

  • Establish categories and topics to blog about
  • Work out how and when you will publish your blog
  • Set out a blog schedule and timetable.
  • Choose how to spread the word about your blog using social media and mailing lists.
  • Learn how to monitor and learn about your audience statistics.
  • Effectively develop an email subscriber list.

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